You all know that I have my own website as well as this blog right?

Well I spend a lot of time working on it and one of the tasks I have to do every week is send off 15 photos to the guys who do the Tech side of things for me..

They then put them together on a webpage for people to use to promote me..Here’s a sample photo gallery so you know what I’m talking about : Nipple Peek

The reason I’m mentioning this is that I need your feedback..

As you can see from the post here on my blog I do both Hardcore and Softcore Pics and Vids but I never know what to use for my Promo galleries !

What do you guys prefer when your surfing around the Free Porn sites? What makes you click..Softcore Pics or Hardcore Pics?

Answers on a post card please…Just kidding :-)

I’d really like to hear your thoughts so if you have an opinion and get the chance please send me an e-mail at :

[email protected]

Thanks guys.. hope to hear from you soon :-)


Lana xxx